Building & Zoning

It is our overall mission to improve the safety, quality of life and environment for the present and future generations.  

 It is our goal:

  • To promote the health, safety, and general welfare of our community
  • To lesson congestion in streets
  • To secure safety from fire and other dangers
  • To provide adequate light and air
  • To promote the distribution of population, land classification, and land development
  • To support provisions for adequate transportation, water flow, water supply, drainage, and                sanitation
  • To protect property against blight and depreciation

We will accomplish our goal by assisting our residents and customers in a friendly and comprehensive way of understanding and complying with the ordinances adopted by the Gretna City Council.


To schedule an inspection, please call 402-332-3336, ext. 1209 to speak with our Permit Tech, Shelley. We do not recommend leaving a message for setting up an inspection. If you leave a message for an inspection, do not assume it is set up unless we confirm with you.

Permit Applications

The following applications are available to print:

These permit applications must be submitted in person to the Building and Zoning Department.  If you have any questions, please call 402-332-3336 to speak to Shelley at ext. 1209 or Aaron at ext. 1213.  If you need any other permit applications, you will need to stop by City Hall to pick up .