When is a permit required?

A building permit is required for any construction which physically changes or adds structures to your property or for work regulated by local codes or ordinances. This list is not intended to be inclusive. Please call the office 402-332-3336, ext 1209 or ext 1213 to verify if you need a permit, or if you have questions.

  • New home or commercial building construction
  • Construction or placement of any detached building
  • Room additions, alterations, removing, or adding a wall
  • Garage or shed additions
  • Basement finish, remodeling a kitchen or bathroom. An electrical permit is required for the installation of all new electrical wiring, lighting fixtures, receptacles, change electrical panel, replacing electrical wiring runs or adding electric service to a garage or shed
  • Fences
  • Sprinkler system
  • Construction or addition to a deck, patio or porch, patio cover or enclosing a deck
  • Installation of doors or windows which require a new opening or enlarging the existing opening
  • Concrete projects of replacing or enlarging a driveway or patio
  • Hot tubs or swimming pools, above or below ground, deeper than 36” and require a pump or filtering system
  • Repairs to structural components or any building damaged by fire, wind or collision
  • Moving or demolishing a building or structure

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