Public Works Department

Our goal is to maintain the municipal infrastructure with a quality of standards that our citizens expect. Gretna uses the most efficient methods to achieve this quality. The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the streets you drive on everyday. The parks you enjoy during the nice weather are kept clean, well mowed, and the trees are trimmed. The swimming pool your family enjoys those hot summer months is kept clean and up to state specifications. 

Some of the little known duties of the Public Works Department are maintaining the water and wastewater systems, weed control, mosquito control, removing graffiti, posting street signs, and hanging festive Christmas decorations.


After Hours Emergency Contact Information:

  • Water / Sewer:  402-332-3336  x 1354
  • Street:  402-332-3336  x  1356

MS4 Information and Maps

The following is information regarding the Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Requirements:    

Sarpy County Road Construction Information