Parks & Recreation


Gretna has a variety of parks and recreational fields to offer its residents. Within five of the Gretna parks, there are nine shelters that may be reserved. To reserve a park shelter a Park Reservation Form must be completed and the appropriate fees submitted (including rentals by non-profits).  Please call 402-332-3336, ext. 1201 for availability of the parks.

Parks where reservations can be made: 

Gretna Park Reservation Form

$25 Fee - 4 hours  /  $50 Fee - All Day

  • Leo Royal  - One (1) shelter
  • North Park - One (1) shelter
  • Peterson Park  - Three (3) shelters / barrier-free play area
  • Lincoln Place Park - Two (2) shelters

Gretna Crossing Park Reservation Form

$50 Fee - 4 hours  /  $100 Fee - All Day

  • Gretna Crossing Park - Two (2) shelters


The Gretna community has several active Youth sporting associations none of which are affiliated with the City of Gretna.